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After I did the business plan, I got clear on my pricing and had my first $10K month in April and again in May!

When you have clarity from the business plan and know what your value is, it works!

-Hilary Hartling,

Since joining CRP I've had my year of firsts and grew my passive income!

I did my first podcast, my first YouTube video, my first Facebook Live and launched my first two courses with over 100 beta testers and now launched an affiliate program. I also grew my website traffic without paying for ads!

-Stephanie LaTorre,

I quit my job!

Never in a million years did I think I would walk away from a secure job to do my own thing. But I did it and I am so excited.

-Treva Marshall,

My biggest win was getting my first client! 

After I did a free session with what CRP taught me, the client asked for my prices and was ready to jump in. I couldn't believe it! It really worked! I was so happy for that win.

-Abi Ventour, @abiventour on Instagram

I launched my membership site and got 10 members from Instagram!

And everything is automated from when they sign up and when they pay. Even my emails are automated which is so important because I am a mom. I learned all about automating from Anna.

-Meredith Kramer,

I increased my clients and am getting out more in the community!

I'm most proud of just doing it and that I went against the norm. I see this business providing a lifetime for me.

-Tracy Medeiros,

 I have the freedom to spend time with my daughters now.

I'm really happy. People say I am glowing. I wanted to spend more time with my daughters. They need their mom. Now I have that flexibility to be there for them.

-Kristy Lincoln,


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